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  • MAXIMUM MUMBAI  (BBC World Service, 2006)   Peter Day meets the mystics and the marketing men who are making Mumbai the city of the future. To meet them, yourself, CLICK HERE.
  • NUTS ABOUT BRAZIL  (BBC Radio 4, 2006)   Economists are starting to say nice things about Brazil; so is China. To find out why,CLICK HERE.
  • RESHAPING THE WORLD  (BBC Radio 4, 2006) What is it going to be like to live in a world where the US has lost its economic supremacy; and where Europe is little more than a vacation destination for wealthy Chinese and Indian tourists? To learn more, CLICK HERE.
  • THE CHANGING FACE OF GLOBAL POWER  (BBC World Service, 2005) Are Brazil, Russia, India and China -- the BRICS -- the world's future superpowers? To hear this major, four-part series on the future of globalization, CLICK HERE.
  • HOPE I DIE BEFORE I'M OLD   (BBC World Service, 2003) To take a tour of the global pension crisis,CLICK HERE.

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